About Tejal

Tejal has been creating unique Henna art throughout Orlando and Central Florida, for well over 23 years.

A native of Mumbai, India, Tejal left the Indian shores in 1986 as a bride with the very same Henna on her hands.

She joined her husband in London and lived there for six years until they moved to Orlando Florida in 1992.

When the need to do something of her own surfaced, Tejal looked within and instinctively turned to the art of Mehndi, an art that she had been practicing since her childhood days in India where she spent many happy days plucking fresh leaves, sun drying and grinding them to a paste, experimenting with mixes and designs, using friends and family as models.

If you are looking for the absolute best Mehndi Henna, give Tejal a call at 407-415-7994

about tejal

Henna Tattoos and Eyebrow Threading

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